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Melaleuca Tree Forest

Honey is loved worldwide for its sweetness, depth of flavour and health benefits. The wide variety of honey in the market has caused confusions amongst consumers and it is time we set some of the facts right as responsible honey producers.

The most common question we face when it comes to honey is; What is real honey or what is the definition of real honey? Is this real honey?

At BubbaBee, we have done many researches and talked to experts to arrive at the answers for this question. In simple terms, real honey is unpasturized, raw honey taken from strips of honeycomb straight from the beehive. This simple term act as our mission and goal – extract honey directly from the hive to maintain the high quality of the honey and reap its health benefits.

Hidden Treasure In The Forest of Malaysia
Did you know that Malaysia is capable of producing honey?

Our honey is harvested in a farm by the Apis mellifera honey bee (Western honey bee), from an untouched forest in Melaka. Along the river side wet lands, Melaleuca trees, commonly known as tea tree, stretches alongside the wet lands. Its blossoming flowers provide a rich honey source for the bees, alongside wild flowers available in the eocology.

The symbiotic relationship between the bees and forest allows us to harvest excellent honey while simultaneously pollinating the forest, growing more trees in the wet lands and protecting the river banks. This cycle creates natural habitats for the eco system.

Melaleuca Flower

Melaleuca tree flower

Apis mellifera

Apis mellifera worker bee with a pollen nugget attached