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Pairing Honey with Cheese & Food
Honey & Cheese

There is much more to honey than a sweet taste. Every honey has its own unique flavor profile, bursting with the characteristics of its terroir. While it may be perfectly fine to dissolve honey in a cup of tea, its flavor has many other gifts to offer.


When an exquisite honey paired with the right cheese, the two flavors complement one another, creating a whole new level of flavor, in much the same way that pairing wine with cheese, meat, or any other dish brings out the flavor of both wine and the food. Some suggestions for cheese that pair well with honey, and their tasting notes to get you started:


ASIAGO: Italian, cow’s milk, rich nutty yet mild. Similar to Parmesan.


CAMEMBERT: French, cow’s milk, smooth, salty. Runny texture.


GORGONZOLA: Italian, cow’s milk, rich, creamy, pungent. A stinky blue-veined cheese, soft texture.


MANCHEGO: Spanish, sheep’s milk, caramel flavors, salty and nutty. Firm texture.


MASCARPONE: Italian, cow’s cream, buttery creamlike flavor. Creamy texture.


PECORINO ROMANO: Italian, sheep’s milk, oily, granular, salty. Semi-hard.


STILTON: English, cow’s milk, punchy, strong smelling, and spicy.



Adding accompaniments to the pairings provides a whole new dimension to the tasting experience. Whether it is the crunchy texture of nuts, the tartness of dried dates, or the juiciness of a freshly sliced pear, you’ll engage more of your sense while enjoying the multiple layers of flavors. Try introducing some of the foods from list below to your cheese and honey pairings:


Almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios

Fresh Fruits

Figs, berries, peaches, pears, grapes

Dried Fruits

Apricots, dates, cranberries, cherries