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How To Check If Honey Is Pure?

Presence of C3 & C4 Sugar Adulterants in Honey   Natural honey is a liquid produced by honey bees using plant nectar. It is loved by people worldwide for its sweetness and depth of flavour; and is used in numerous foods and recipes. Honey comes

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Honey for a Child’s Cough?

In certain culture, parents have given coughing children a spoonful of honey at bedtime to ease their cough so everyone can get some sleep.. And while most children are more than happy with this treatment, is there any evidence to suggest this approach works?  

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Honey & Cheese

Pairing Honey with Cheese & Food

There is much more to honey than a sweet taste. Every honey has its own unique flavor profile, bursting with the characteristics of its terroir. While it may be perfectly fine to dissolve honey in a cup of tea, its flavor has many other gifts

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